Felicitation of Hz. Badrudduja Munawwari


                     Felicitation of Hz Syed Badrudduja Munawwari at Musheerabad

On Sunday 25 October  2009, Peer-O-Murshid Hz Moulana Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari Sahab (caretaker Committee Daira Hz Roshan Munawwar RZ) will be felicitated after Isha prayers in a grand function jointly organised by ‘Idara Tableegh-e-Mehdavia Musheerabad’ and ‘The Trustee Board Mehdavia Club’ at ‘Bahadur Yar Jung Hall Musheerabad, Hyderabad.


Peer-O-Murshid Hz Moulana Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari migrated back to Hyderabad after successfully completion of his higher education from Al Azhar University Cairo, Egypt. Currently he is the only scholar in the entire community to do masters from this prestigious University of the Islamic world. He is son of the Late ‘Qateeb-e-Millath’ Peer-O-Murshid Hz Abul Ashfaq Syed Abdul Hai Sahab Rashed Munawwari RA (founder President Majlis-e-Ittehad-e-Millath). He belongs to the lineage of (Mubashar-e-Mehdi AS) Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Abdul Hai ‘Roshan Munawwar RZ’ the first and the eldest son of Hz Bandagi Miran Syed Mehmood ‘Sani-e-Mehdi’ RZ and the Grandson of Imamuna Mehdi AS and Hz Bibi Syeda Allahdadi RZ).


Hz Moulana Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari did Junior College (Intermediate) from Anwarul Uloom College of Education Mallapally and Graduated in Arts from the Osmania University . Alongside the college education he attended the Islamic studies from the Jame Nizamia Islamic University at Hyderabad from where most of the community scholars Graduated. Alongside his graduation from Osmania he also took degree in Islamic sciences from Jame Nizamia Islamic University and later became ‘Kaamil Hadis’ (Ref: Siasat, Munsif and Etemad Daily, Ramzan 2006). Then as per his elders wish he shifted his attention towards higher education and to fulfil the dream of serving the masses he migrated to Egypt to acquire higher education in Islamic sciences from the prestigious (Ja’me Al Azhar) ‘Al-Azhar University Cairo Egypt’. During his stay in Egypt he use to be constantly in touch with his murideen and the community without fail and use to mark his presence at Hyderabad during important and holy occasions etc.


In 1429H, 2008 CE while staying at Egypt he made history by Re-Publishing the famous Mehdavia literature ‘Siraj al-absar li-raf‘ al-zulm ‘an ahl al-inkar (The lamp of the visions for the lifting of the injustice of the people of rejection) in short ‘Siraj Al Absar’ in Arabic by Hz Aalim Billah RA and presented in the International Islamic book fare at Cairo and received good response and the Mehdavia point of view was presented in the Arab world. The committee Meeranji AS of Jeddah along with their wellwishers donated in this publication. Alhamdu Lillah after successful completion of his studies he came back to Hyderabad and once again started his Mehdavia tableegh tours (propagating) covering the remote areas as usual.


Hz Moulana Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari is a firebrand and an extempore speaker who addressed his first gathering at a very young age in a huge Jalsa at the ‘Jame Masjid-e-Mehdavia Musheerabad, fortunately this was also organised by the ‘Idara Tableegh-e-Mehdavia Musheerabad. Since then the Moulana never looked back and by each day he conquered the hearts of the young and the old in and outside the community, but with the sudden demise of his father ‘Qateeb-e-Millath’ Hz Abul Ashfaq Syed Abdul Hai Sahab Rashed Munawwari RA the community lost an Scholar and an Orator of par excellence who was also a well-known and respected name in and outside the community. Being the only son and Khalifa of this practicing Scholar Murshid he faithfully sat as successor on the Masnad-e-Irshadi and tried his level best to fill the gap left by his late father following the tradition of a spriritual guide guiding the community brethren as an ‘Aalim-ba-Amal’ following on the footsteps of his late father.


Hz Syed Mehmood Badrudduja Munawwari is also the caretaker of Committee Daira Hz Roshan Munawwar RZ and established a Madarsa ‘Ashfaq-Ul-Uloom’ for imparting religious education including boarding, food and accommodation for its students and is housed in his mosque at ‘Pathar-ki-Masjid Chanchalguda, many of its students (young children and youth) are trained and sent in the remote areas of Mehdavia pockets across india to serve the community, the madarsa is continuously producing Huffaz-e-Qur’an (memorisers of Qur’an), Qari (systematic recitors of Quran) educationists and religious orators, etc who brought laurels with their hard work.


Under his patronage the mardrasa provides religious education and is run from donations collected from well wishers within the community and by the grace of Almighty Allah the Committee has purchased land for a bigger madrasa called ‘Ja’me Mehdavia’ near Zaheerabad and the land registration is also completed, Insha Allah if Allah permits the construction will commence soon. May Allah SWT by the sadaqa of Khatamain AS , Syedain RZ and Siddiqain RZ bestow His choicest blessings on him, his family and his team of well-wishers to continue the constructive work of propagation and spreading Mehdavia teachings – Aameen.

  Hz Syed Badrudduja Munawwari is son-in-law of Peer-O-Murshid Hz Syed Khundmir Sahab Mujtehdi, Sajjada Daira Kalan (Bada daira Hauz ki Masjid Musheerabad, Hyderabad ).