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On November 2, 2009,  Mr. Mohammed Namdar Khan Sahab Bozai, a well-known scholar and thinker presented his research paper ‘Miyan Adam Shah KalhoraRA Par Lagaye Gaye Ilzamat Ki Haqeeqat’ during the ‘Kalhora (Abbasi) period’ at the 3rd National Literary conference held at Karachi University Pakistan. It was attended by the Minister of culture, other dignitaries and scholars etc. and was organized by the Department of Sindhi, University of Karachi, Pakistan. The auditorium of Shaikh Zayed Islamic research centre was packed with a highly educated and intellectual audience.

His research topic was based on a particular rule followed by the late Miyan Adam Shah Kalhora RA Shaheed a follower of Hazrat Miran Syed Mohammed ‘Mehdi-e-Maoud’AHS also called ‘Miran Sain’ in Sindhi and this entire paperwhich was well supported by Quran and Shariat the true Mahdavia teachings.
The gathering applauded his research work and was enthusiast to know more about the truth and sacrifices of their elders who laid down their lives following the Shariah. is pleased to present this piece of research work, please Click the Link:
Adam ShahRH_

Mahdavia Community News: Taher Mohd. Saheb contributed to this report. 

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#1 Waseem 2009-11-29 14:59
Dear ALL Mehdavi Brothers

Aap logon ku yeh italay di jatin hain k syed Bakhar arshad mofti jo channapan k rehnay walay hain jo ek Deobandi talimath par amal kartay hain jo mutabaitul mehdi maud ku makroh kehtay hain unka har kam talimath e imamna say hat kar hai aur Khum e mehdvia say hat kat hai aur channaptna main jo kul 22 Daire hain aur 25 masikh hain unkay sath Ghustaki kartain hain jo apnay aap ku pure mehdavi aur Dusoron ku yeh kehtay hain baap dada ka din hamaray pass
hain aur kuch nahi jo Bher e aam Par bhi attack karta hai mehdvi ki shakal main paka Deobandi hai ek confrence mana raha hai Dec 27 2009 jis ka naan Aalimi Mehdavia confrence raka hai Aap logon ju bhi Iss ki Dawath Khabul kar chukay hain hargiz na Aaye (please do not attend this confrence)
Agar aap sachay aur pakay mehdive hain YEH EK FITNA HAI

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