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                                                      REPORT ON FMS - JAYEZA IJLAAS


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Falah-e-Mahdavia Society has conducted its’ “JAYEZA IJLAAS” on Thursday night November 19, 2009 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  On this occasion, the regular donors and the other community members residing in Riyadh were invited.  Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab Vice President chaired the ijlaas.  All the board members and executive members also attended the program. 


The program started after Isha congregational prayers with the recitation of the verses of Holy Quran by Janab Syed Nusrat Aziz Sahab. After the recitation of Quran, Janab Syed Mahmood Sahab the treasurer of the organization has addressed the audience.  Shedding light on the Islamic philosophy of Unity, Love and helping the needy people of the society, he referred to many prophetic sayings of Rasool-e-Akram Sallallah Alaih Wo Salam in his address.  He tried to make people understand the positive effects of collective efforts of society at organizational level.   He also presented the detailed facts and figures of the financial accounts before the audience in order to ensure the transparency policy of the organization.  After his address, the written message of the organization’s President Janab Syed Yousuf Tanweer Sahab was read by Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddique Sahab Principal Secretary of the organization.   The president sent his message from India to endorse his presence in this important ijlaas.  In his message, he discussed on the issues relating to the formation of the social organizations that as to why such organizations come into existence in a society!  He said a social organization carries out it’s duty to eliminate the social evils and the weaknesses by creating awareness and uplift the quality of life in a society.  He lamented on the state of affairs of the Muslim societies at large and said in spite of being the second largest population in the world, Muslims have not produced sons like Ibn Rushd, Ibn Siena, Khuarazmi, and Imam Razi etc for centuries and they are forced to live under poverty lines.  He said Mahdavis are also part of the Muslim society.  We are also facing the same situation.  Lack of education, economic deprivation, and many social problems are the challenges Mahdavis are facing in today’s contemporary world.    He said Falah-e-Mahdavia Society should religiously focus on educating the society on preferential order picking up the best brains among ourselves (young ones) at larger plane instead of engaging in petty matters.    He said mayhem in Mahdavia faith is not a serious issue.  He said it has surfaced due to the lack of education and knowledge.  Mr. President has appealed all other Mahdavi organizations engaged in social and religious activities to come forward and join hands together to work on a larger canvas for prosperity and religious righteousness.


After President’s message, Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab Vice President Falah-e-Mahdavia Society is called upon to speak the audience.  His topic of the speech was “Advantages and fruits for good deeds in the light of Quran and hadeeth”  Expressing his feelings on human ground he read a beautiful poetic verse:

                                               “hamain seerat-e-mohammed se mila hai yeh khazeena

                                                       Jo ho dousroun ki khaatir wahi hai asal jeena”

He presented a report on the activities done by the FMS.  He also tried to convince those who have misconception about the FMS delaying in project works.   He said it is FMS policy to utilize the funds in projects based on result orientation.  FMS does not want to feel regrets utilizing funds in non productive activities.  The funds are given to FMS with the expectation of fruitful results.   Therefore, we feel it is our responsibility to take all measures to protect the people’s interest and their expectation.   The other reason for delaying to start any visible project is the inflation rate in India and the insufficient funds on hand to carry out any small project.   Still the organization has extended its financial support towards two students of Intermediate first year and a publication home within its strength.  He said FMS has privilege for organizing Lilatulqadr prayers in a spacious farm house in Riyadh city for last six years.  Also FMS have organized jalsas on the occasions of Miladun Nabi Sallam and Milad-e-Mehdi Sallam and gathered large crowds on such occasions.  We have also successfully conducted a seminar in Riyadh.  The topic was given “Marketing Charity as a Product”.  Moreover, Nayeem Sahab has shown FMS plans and objectives with the help of power point presentation in slides.


Janab Syed Ateeq Ahmed Sahab Meda Coordicator has run the program successfully adding his valuable commentary.   Janab Syed Ziauddin Ishaqi and Janab Syed Liyaqat Hussain Sahab have captured the event in cameras.  At the end Janab Syed Ali Ehteshamuddin Showkat Sahab presented vote of thanks to all the present including members of FMS and all others who extended their support in making the ijlaas a success.  Dinner was arranged for all after the ijlaas.





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