Milad-un-Nabi SAS in Dubai

Jalsa Milad-un-Nabi SAS In Dubai

Continuing its untiring effort to serve the Large Mahadavia community living in the UAE - Farah Committee Emarat had organized Jalsa Milad Un Nabi SAS on the 26th of February 2010 in Dubai, UAE. Alhamdulillah the Jalsa was attended by more than 150 People. Arrangement was made for Ladies and many ladies and children attended the Jalsa.We were Honored to have Mr. Syed Mahmood Tashrifullahi Saheb (From Dammam) who was kind enough to accept our invitation to be the Guest of Honour. Janab Syed Abdul Aziz Ahsan Saheb, Ameer Farah Committee Emarat, was the Sadar e Jalsa.


Namaz E Zohar was offered in congregation in the Imamat of Hafiz. Janab Syed Abdul Aziz Ahsan Saheb.  After Namaz e Zohr the  Jalsa Started with the Qirat Kalam e Pak. Hamd Bari Tala was recited and then NAath e Rasool SAS and Naath E Mehdi AS were recited in a beautiful manner. Janab Syed Zain Ul Abideen Saheb then gave the Khutba E Istaqbalia.  Janab Syed Munawar Tashrifullahi a young and budding speaker presented a soul warming speech covering a lot of aspects of Sirat E Nabi Kareem SAS. Janab Ayoub Khan Saheb Presented Naath E Rasool SAS in his unique style.

Janab Asif Nizami Saheb gave a soul searching speech in a very simple manner highlighting the present day need to revive the teachings of Nabi Kareem SAS in our day to day Life.  Janab Riasat Ali Khan saheb presented Naath E Rasool SAS in his heart touching style.

Janab Afzaal Ahmed Khan Shaeb has been serving FCE and giving speeches in all of our events. Once Again he addressed the gathering for more than an hour with his most informative speech. His style and energy is a pleasure to watch and listen to. It is Allah SWT gift to Farah Committee Emarat and the Mahadavia Community in UAE to have an orator of the caliber of Janab Afzaal Ahmed Khan Saheb amongst us.  The gathering then got the opportunity to hear the Naath from Janab Syed Jalaluddin Saheb one of the senior most members of FCE.

After the Naath, Janab Syed Mahmood Tashrfullahi Saheb was called to address the audience. He spoke in his trademark unique style with a touch of humor and congratulated the audience on being part of such a gathering and was very impressed with the size of the gathering and the quality of the Naaths recited and the Speeches given.  Janab Sheik Sadiq saheb the Mehman e Ezazi also addressed the audience.  Qutba E sadarat was presented by Janab Syed Abdul Aziz Ahsan Saheb.

In the end Janab Syed Abdul Khader Imran Saheb thanked all the speakers, poets and all those present on the occasion who were enthusiastic enough to make the Jalsa a grand success.  After the Jalsa ended the attendees offered Namaz E Asr in Congregation.

By the Grace of Almighty Allah the Mahadavia community in UAE is active in the religious gatherings.  We pray to Allah SWT to give us strength and Imaan to continue serving the Mahadavia Community, Ameen.

Please find Below the Nizam E Amal of the Jalsa .

SADR-E-JALSA                                             Janab . Syed Abdul Aziz Ahsan Saheb

MAUTEMAD-E-JALSA                                  Janab Syed Mustafa Dilawar Saheb

MEHMAAN-E-KHUSUSI                              Janab Syed Mahmood Tashrifullahi Saheb

Mehman E Ezazi                                            Janab Shaik Mohammed SadIq Saheb

Q IRAT-E-KALAM- E-PAK                             JANAB. AFSAR MAHDI SAHEB

HAMD BARI E TALA                                     JANAB TAUSEEF MAHDI BUKHARI SAHEB


NAAT-E-MAHDI AS                                       JANAB.SYED MAHBOOB MIYAN SAHEB


TAQREER                                                      JANAB.SYED MUNAWER TASHREEFULLAHI

NAAT-E-RASOOL SAS                                 JANAB.AYOUB ALI KHAN SAHEB

TAQREER                                                      JANAB.SYED SHAH ASIF NIZAMI SAHEB

NAAT-E-RASOOL SAS                                 JANAB.RIYASAT ALI KHAN SAHEB

TAQREER                                                      JANAB .AFZAAL AHMED KHAN SAHEB




QUTBA – E - SADARAT                                JANAB.SYED ABDUAL AZIZ AHSAN SAHEB
Amir Farah Committee Emarat

SHUKRIYA                                                     JANAB. Syed Abdul Qader Imran

Media And Communication Team

Farah Committee Emarat

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