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Falah-e-Mahdavia Society (FMS) once again had an honour  to organize one of the most blessed days of the Birth of Aan Hazrat Sallam (Jashn-e-Milaad-un-Nabi Sallam) on Friday afternoon 12th Rabi I 1430 correspondent to Feb 26, 2010 at the beautiful lawn (green pasture) of a huge function hall in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The event was not organized simply to celebrate this holy day but to learn the forgotten lessons given by our beloved Prophet Mohammed Rasoolullah Sallallah Alaih Wo Sallam and to apply the same in our day to day lives. The celebration of such pious and virtuous events will no doubt strengthen the spiritual subsistence of every mahdavi in general.

No doubt it was huge gathering comprising of around more than one hundred seventy (170) people including ladies from and around Riyadh city attending this holy event.  On this occasion, FMS was delighted to invite Maulana Hazrat Syed Jafar Sahab Ashrafi as guest of honor. He is currently on a visit to Saudi Arabia and staying at his son-in-law’s residence in Dammam.  Thus it was the first time in the desert city of Riyadh, a massive gathering had an opportunity to offer zohar prayer under a murshid’s imamat and listen to his sermon.  Janab Syed Nusrat Ali Mahdavi Sahab, Syed Ibrahim Ashrafi, Janab Taher Mohammed Sahab (Moderator Promised Mehdi Yahoo  Group) and Syed Mohammed Mehdi also arrived from Dammam to attend this jashn.   Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab Vice President FMS chaired the jashn. 

The program started after zohr congregational prayer with the recitation of verses from Holy Qura’an by Janab Syed Khundmir Ishaqi (Siddiq) Sahab.  After the recitation of Quran a young boy Master Syed Omar S/O Janab Syed Attaullah Sahab’s aged around nine years came on the mike and spoke to the audience.  This young boy has said about the parents of Rasool-e-Kareem SAS and stressed the children to follow his teachings and to obey their parents.  After this young boy another young speaker Master Syed Amer Hussain S/O Janab Syed Ali Ihteshamuddin Showkat Sahab aged around fifteen years has taken the honor to speak to the audience.  In his brilliant speech he tried to explain giving the quranic reference why should Muslims celebrate the Birthday of our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him).  After the two young speakers, Janab Syed Mahmood Sahab Treasurer of the organization has narrated in detail the various aspects of the holy life of our beloved Prophet Rasool-e-Akram Sallallah Alaih wo Sallam from his childhood, his dawat and his prophet hood era.  He also shed light on the Islamic jurisprudence that states “Imaan of a person never gets completed unless he or she shows love at the highest level towards Rasool-e-kareem Sallallah Alaih wo Sallam (more than any one else in the universe).  After the speech, Janab Syed Miranji Qaiser Sahab was invited to offer his tribute by presenting Na’at-e-Rasool-Maqbool Sallam written by his father Janab Syed Jalauddin Khundmiri Sahab Nazim: that reads:  

Qayem Arsh wo Farsh pe izzat Rasool ki.

Sab Anbiya’a se a’ala hai azmat rasool ki.

Sab mursaleem the baitul Muqaddas main muqtadi.

Thi us namz main bhi imamat rasool ki.

After Qaiser Sahab’s Na’at-e-mubarak was over, the host Janab Syed Ateeq Ahmed Sahab called upon Janab Mohammed Anwar Iqbal Sahab to present his nazrana-aqeedat in the bargahe-e-Risalat by reciting the Na’at-e-Mubarak written by his late father Hazrat Mohammed Khaja Nawaz Sahab Marhoom:  few beautiful verses are as follows:

Ya Nabi Mustafa, Ahmed-e-Mujtaba,

Ya shafi ul vara ya habeeb-e-Khuda.

Noor-e-arsh-bareen, la makeen ke makeen

Khatimul mursaleen, Afzal ul Anbiyaa.

Ya Nabi Mustafa, Ahmed-e-Mujtaba.

Noor-e-chashm-e-talab, zaat-e-mahboob-e-Rab.

Naam aakhir ba lab  aaye waqt-e-qazaa.               

Ya Nabi Mustafa, Ahmed-e-Mujtaba

Later the host has invited Janab Syed Faizullah Nayem Sahab Vice President Falah-e-Mahdavia Society (FMS) to offer his reverence in the feet of Prophet Mohammed (Peace be upon him) on this occasion.  The interesting part in Janab Nayeem Sahab’s speech is that he always a raises voice for self-evaluation for himself and all the muslim ummah in the outlook of the current state of affairs.   In this perspective he presented some beautiful poetry that reads:

Khiraj-e-aqeedat adaa karne waalo, khiraj-e-aqeedat se kiya kaam hoga.

Yehi hai zabani mohabbat ka aalam to deen-e-huda aur badnaam hoga.

Agar sun sako tum to rooh-e-Mohammad, khiraj-e-ita’at ki talib hai tum se.

Yehi hai agar qaul wo amal ki do rangi, bahut dard angez anjaam hoga.

Magar aye Qaseeda garo yeh to socho, ke be rooh lafzoun ki qeemat hi kiya hai.

Bane hain kaheen naqsh aab-e-rawaan per, chale hain kaheen khushkiyoun main safeene.

Nabi ki hayat-e-muqaddas ko dekho, mile gi sarapa jihad-e-musalsal.

Wafa ki salabat main faulad wo aahan, karam ki latafat main rahmat mukamil.

Yeh Socho ki nor-e-hidayat ka parcham, janab-e-Mohammed ne kaise udaya.

Yeh socho ke zahnoun ko kaise ubhara, yeh socho ke girtoun ko kaise uthaya.

Yehi na ke us banda-e-ba safa ne, jalaya chiragh-e-jihad wo azeemat.

Yehi na ke maidan-e- sa’ayi wo talab main, na choda kabhi daman-e-isteqamat.

Agar us se kuch bhi aqeedat hai tum ko, to apna vateera badalna pade ga

Nifaaq-e-zaban wo amal se guzar kar, sadaqat ke dhaanche main dhalna pade ga.

Utho momino! Aaj se ahd kar lo, habeeb-e-khuda ki ita’at karo ge.

Aqeedat ke pahlu ba pahlu amal se, haqeeqat main tameel-e-sunnat karo ge.

Further by praising to Allah and addressing to the audience on this auspicious occasion, Nayeem sahab beautifully illustrated the oneness of Allah (Tauheed), His power, His purpose of creation of universe and His love towards the Khatimul Mursaleen Mohammed-e-Mustafa Sallahallah alaih wo Sallam and the exemplary love of Ashaab-e-Rasool Sallam towards him.  He has taken around 45 minutes exploring the various incidents in the era of Rasoolullah Sallam. After the captivating speech of Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab, Janab Syed Nusrat Ali Mahdavi sahab a guest from Eastern Province was invited to pay his tribute to Aaqaa-e-naamdaar Nabi-e-kareem Salwatullahi Alaih wo Sallam:  few verses from his tribute are as follows:

Khamdaar aabru pur noor aankhain sall-e-allah Alaih wo Sallam

Sharmilee sharmilee nigaahain Sall-e-allah Alaih wo Sallam.

Baal zara se ghunguryaale reesh-e-mubarak laanbi ghani thi.

Kaali kaali laambi palkain Sall-e-allah Alaih wo Sallam.

Ausat se kuch laanba qad tha naram mulaayem jild-e-mubarak.

Dekhne ko yeh aankhain tarseen Sall-e-allah Alaih wo Sallam

Anxiety of crowd has come to an end when the guest of honor Hazrat Maulana Syed Ja’afer Ashrafi Sahab Qibla came over the mike to address. Murshid started his conversation and talked on different issues relating to day-to-day religious practices.  He described the various incidents of Prophetic era after the Mecca was concurred.  He also depicted how to save our prayers while we are away from home.  He stressed not to pray under the imamat of non-mahdavis and by giving the reasons for it. He also described one of the pillar of farayez-e-vilayat i.e. Sohbat-e-sadiqeen and said vaseela of murshid is a must to get Allah Vision/

Syed Ateeq Ahmed, Media coordinator has run the program successfully. Finally the event ended with the presentation of vote of thanks by the organization’s Joint Secretary Janab Syed Ali Ihteshamuddin Sahab to the Chair Person, guests of honor, respected audience and the organizers of this event and those who directly or indirectly extended their services to make this event a success.  Lunch was arranged before starting the event at the beautiful lawn of venue.

Such a huge gathering on this holy occasion has for sure given an impression that Mahdavi youth is very much inquisitive to acquire firm religious knowledge and keep connected with their right ancestoral aqeeda under the selfless, strong spiritual leadership that can make them united under one roof.  


Report prepared by: Media Team. Falah-e-Mahdavia Society. Riyadh Chapter.
Media Cordinator: Syed Ateeq Ahmed




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