Milad Mehdi-e-Ma’oud AHS Celebrated In Riyadh



Input from Riyadh By Taher Mohd. Saheb

Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah the compassionate, the Merciful. Jashn Milad Mehdi-e-Ma’oud AHS was religiously organized and celebrated as usual by Falah-e-Mehdavia Society (FMS) Riyadh on Thursday, the  29th of  April 2010, after Maghrib prayers at a function Hall, which was filled with Mehdavia residents from in and around Riyadh and its suburbs along with visitors and guests from other cities including India. Separate arrangements were made for the ladies.

Maghrib prayers were lead by Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab.

At the start of the function, condolence messages were read by the compere on the demise of Murshidni Saheba at Hyderabad (she is mother of Peer-O-Murshid Hz Syed Dilawar Maqsoosi sahab and wife of Hz Syed Alam Sahab Maqsoosi RA).

Condolence was also given on the demise of Abid Nizami in Canada. He was the son of Late Hazrat Syed Abdul Hai Nizami and brother of Javid Nizami- Jeelani Miyan and brother-in-law of Saleem Nizami and Kaleem Nizami.

After the prayers the function started with the beautiful recitation of Holy Quran by Qari Janab Syed Nusrath Aziz Sahab, after the recitation he presented its translation in urdu for the benefit of the audience, it was a very good gesture of the Qaari. After him, a primary school student Master Syed Omer (son of Janab Syed Ataullah Faheem Sahab of Cuddapah) also recited beautifully the verses Aamana Rasoolu.. in his tender and crystal voice. Followed by a beautiful and well-researched speech by Janab Syed Ateeq Ahmed Sahab (Media Co-Ordinator FMS), his address was filled with proofs from Quranic verses and ahadis, which was well like by the audience, then Qari Janab Syed Khundmir Siddique Ishaqui Sahab presented a beautiful and soul rendering Nath-e-Mehdi AS. Then this Khadim was also given a chance to come face-to-face with this large audience. Then the message from its India based founder President Janab Syed Yousuf Tanveer Sahab Mujtehdi was read in the gathering by Janab Mohammed Anwar Iqbal Sahab, no doubt the words were written on paper but felt like coming out from the heart of the president, because it is the result of the collective efforts of the FMS officials, members and the Mehdavis of Riyadh, the way they are attached in their continuos work and the result is in front of our eyes. After the message Janab Mohammed Anwar Iqbal Sahab also presented a beautiful Nath-e-Mehdi AS in his celebrated style, then followed by the address of the Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab (treasurer of FMS).

Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab spoke on the Importance of Zikr, and he successfully presented it by supporting the with the Commandments of Quran, Ahadis along with the farameen of Imamuna AS. He gave minute and esoteric details on Zikr-Allah its facts and importance in his very own sagacious style. Very soon this session came to an end, the compere Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddique Sahab announced a spontaneous session of Question & Answer.

Some of the hesitant members from audience came forward and put a long but meaningful enquiry regarding ‘Why the name of Mahdi is not mentioned in Quran’ how he is hamsar, and some other doubts etc.

The compere invited this Khadim along with Sadr-e-Mehfil Janab Syed Ali Najmuddin Sahab Yadullahi alias Shaheen Bhai who also shared the dais to reply. He replied in detail citing references from our trust worthy books.

Only a part of my reply is quoted here from in between, My stand was no doubt should prevail regarding the status of Imamuna AS, but stress should be given to his teachings rather than involve ourselves in issues, debates and other activities which were not taught by Imamuna AS. We should avoid debate for the sake of debate, rather concentrate on our Amal i.e practice, which was preached / taught by Imamuna AS. Because Imamuna AS said, Imamuna AS said, Tasdeeq-e-Banda Amal asth” banday ki tasdeeq amal se hai, and said, Ba amal maqbool be amal mardood. The practicing one is accepted and the impracticing one is rejected. 

Coming back to the question, the author of Kashf-ul-Haqaiq says, “If one were to ask, ‘Why has the name of Mahdi not been clearly mentioned in the Qur’an? Allah Most High has not omitted to mention anything in Qur’an. How, then, the name of Mahdi was not mentioned in the Qur’an?’

Answer: “The Mahdi’s name is not mentioned there in the lihaz [regard, respect] of the mention of Hazrath Prophet Muhammad SAS in Quran, as the dawat [call, invitation] of the Imamuna AS is like the dawat of the Prophet SLM, his ilm [knowledge] is like the knowledge of Prophet SLM, his group is like the group of the Prophet SLM, his hal [condition, situation] is like the hal of the Prophet SLM, his sabr [patience] is like that of the Prophet SLM, his tawakkal [trust in Allah Most High] is like that of the Prophet SLM and, in many respects, he is like or equal to Hazrath Prophet SLM, Sooratan-o-Seeratan [in countenance and conduct]. That means Syed Muhammad AS is not separate from the name and attributes of Muhammad SLM. This tafseer was written before the birth of Hz Syed Muhammad Jaunpuri Imam Mehdi Maoud AS.

At the end of the Jalsa the vote of thanks was read by the compere Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddique Sahab. After the Jalsa the Isha prayers were offered in the imamate of Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab. After the prayers a lavish dinner was served (Allah diya) and small groups discussion took place then we took leave and retired for the night.

Not only myself rather the entire gathering felt the absence of both Janab Syed Yousuf Tanveer Sahab (founder President of FMS) currently residing in India, and the Vice-President Janab Syed Faizullah Nayeem Sahab currently in Dubai. For their humbleness, strong characters, morals and above all their patience and practice (Amal). The office bearers and members of FMS along with community members of Riyadh should be saluted for their Unity, Solidarity and Patience shown as usual in organising any event. The children, youth and elders of Riyadh were in the forefront taking part in all the activities from arrangements to the transportation. I could not mention all names the list is long but would fall short of my duties if I do not mention these people Janab Syed Yasin Fatah, Janab Mohammed Abdul Khader Jilani, Mohammed Zaheer, Syed Mustafa, etc and many elders, youngsters and children.

Next day on Friday Zuhr prayers were offered in the Imamate of Janab Syed Mehmood Sahab at the residence of Janab Mohammed Zafar Siddique Sahab, after the congregation an spontaneous session of ifham-O-tafhim was initiated by Syed Mehmood Sahab based on our authentic literature, on its conclusion lunch was announced for the gathering (Allah diya). In the evening I took leave and started back for Dammam. I would like to thank each and everyone for the support and love extened towards me especially the Office bearers, members of FMS and the residents of Riyadh.

No event and organisation is successful without an audience and well-wishers. Fortunately the FEMS is no doubt lucky with their hard work, accountability and transparency. They have made their mark and niche in making inroads in the hearts of the Riyadh Mehdavis and in bringing them together under the Umbrella Organisation of Unity and this might be the reason that currently their doesn’t exist any other groupism / favouritism and it looks and feels as if everyones favorite is the UNITY in diversity and no animosity and to be precise this achievement goes to the Mehdavia community of Riyadh for showing such confidence in Falah-E-Mehdavia Society (FMS). I felt as if the Riyadh Mehdavis under the FMS are a big family and everybody considers themselves as a part and parcel of it.

For the sake of Unity Imamuna Mehdi AS said:

Dar ittefaq Nusrath-E-Deen Asth

Dar Nifaq Hazimath-E-Deen Asth
In English this can be translated as: In Unity there is success of Deen  In Discord there is loss of Deen.

O Allah, Make unity overcome discord, Make our efforts sincere in Mehdavia practices without pride or prejudice, let not the caste, creed or racial hamper the good work tumble, be strong in belief, humble in nature let this resemble in every Mehdavi’s feature - Aameen


Mahdavia News Service : Report Contributed By  Taher Md. Saheb  S/o Mohammed Saheb (Vice-President Idara Tableegh-E-Mehdavia, Musheerabad) Dammam, K.S.A.



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