Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr Worldwide Schedule

Following is the revised and updated list of Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr Worldwide Schedule organized by members of Mahdavia Community. If you are an organizer and would like  to add information to this list from your place, for the benefit of community members, please send detailed schedule to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



 Lailatul Qadr in Chicago

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Mahdavia Islamic Center of Chicago (MICC) Invites you  For Dugana-e- Lailatul Qadr Prayer  On the Night between Monday, September 6 and Tuesday, September 7, 2010 At Holiday Inn North Shore Skokie Hotel, 5300 W. Touhy Ave, Skokie, IL 60077 Phone: (847) 679-8900

Program:Azan: 1:50AM; Isha (Sunnah): 2:00AM; Followed by Isha Farz and Dugana-e-Lailatul Qadr Prayer Sahr arrangements & Fajr Prayer

MICC will arrange for the food packets to be served at the end of prayer.  We cannot eat "Sehri" at the Holiday Inn due to their restriction on outside food.

Fajr Prayer will be performed at MICC

Hazrath Peer O Murshid Moulana Abulfatah Syed Nusrat Sahab Qibla had a knee surgery a few months ago.  It is with Hazrath Peer O Murshid's consent, Hafiz Syed Khundmir Sirajuddin will lead the prayer this year. Hazrath Peer O Murshid will recite the Dua after the Dugana prayer.

*  Those who are coming from other cities and would like to stay at Holiday Inn for Dugana prayer can get a discount at the Hotel. You can  use "MICC" as a reference while booking the room at Holiday Inn.

Contact Mr. Rahmat Ali Khan, President MICC, at 773-738-2024 for any question.

Sydney, Australia

Insha-Allah  Dugana Lailatul-Qadr will be held under the imamat of Janab Syed Shujauddin on Monday Night 6th September 2010.

Timings of the Prayer: Namaaz e Isha @ 1:30 am  Followed by FARZ DUGANA Lailatul-Qadr  

@ Harry Todd Hall, Jubilee Lane, Marion Street, Harris Park,SYDNEY, NSW-2150.

Date:  The Night Between 26th and 27th Ramadan (i.e. 6th and 7th September Mon & Tue).

For  further details please contact: brothers @IMCA ON: 0431269511;  0430167867 ;  0403652819.

London, UK

Salam alykum Brother and Sister  and Ramdan a Mubarak Qual a Mahdi-Maud(ALS) Dar Itafaq Nusrath Deenust, Dar Nifaq hasimath deenust.

We are happy to announce,that we have organize a place in London for the united offering for FARZ SALAT of  Dungana Lailatul Qadr,under the Imaamat of Mr.Syed Farruk Khundmiri.Dugana prayer would be offered on 5th September 2010 at Priya Banqueting Hall,East London,London.

Address: Priya Banqueting Hall, 498-502,Manor Park,London, E12 6QN;2 Mins  walk from  Manor Park Station;10 Mins from East Ham StationVery good bus facilities available from Stratford Station and Illford Station. We provide with a list of contact,if any of you wish to contact.Syed Farruk Khundimiri----44 7776137375; Syed Ibrahim----+44 7765887521;Mohammed Ahsan------44 7850971651;Syed Abdul Khader----44 7792181647;Syed Naveed----44 7886360851;Syed Zubair Ibrahim--+44 7957383683;Muddassir Jaweed--0044 7799662830

May Allah strength our faith in Real Islam and help us follow the deen of Prophet Mohammed(SAS) and Mahdi Maud(AS).



Place: Jasmine Lawn, F.B. Area near Water PumpDate: Mid night of 6th & 7th September (Mon & Tue)  Time: 2:00 am  Prayer Led by : Janab Abdul Jabbar sahab
Special Arrangements:  Transport and Sehri
Organisers: Mehdaviya Rabita Committee Pakistan
Contacts:    Syed Amjad Habib Yadullahi

City:  Shahadadpur  - SINDH

Area/Location:  Daira Mahadvia Hall (Markaz-e-Mahadvia Shahdadpur)

Date:    Mid night of 6th & 7th September (Mon & tue)

Time:  2:00 am
Prayer Led by : Peer-O-Murshad Janab Syed Meran Shahab Yadullahi

Special Arrangements:         Sehri
Contacts:  Jawaid Saeed, Tel. : 0333-3582663



City: Dubai

Place: Function Hall at the building of the residence of Mr. Syed Burhanuddin Rashed & Syed Younus - Near National Paint R/A - Sharjah

Date:  6th September 2010;

Time:  2.00 AM;  

Prayer Led by:  Peer-O-Murshid Haz Syed Atan Salman Khundimiri Saheb

Other Arrangements : Sehri is being arranged.  
Transportation is also being arranged from different locations/places - Abu dhabi - Dubai and sharjah.

Contacts: Syed Abdul Aziz- 050-5145535; SSM Asif Nizami :  050-8465166;  S A Khader Imran : 050-5854511


Dugana Lailat Ul Qadr arrangements in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Place: Estarah (Farm House) War Dat Ul Manaq, Near Exit 21, Mecca Highway, Riyadh, K.S.A.

Time of Prayer as follows on the night of Sunday 5th& Monday 6th of Sep'10.

1:00 AM Azan,  1:10 AM Sunnat Prayer,  1:20 AM Farz Prayer. 1:30 AM Dugana Lailat-Ul-Qadr Prayer.

Imam: Janab Syed Mahmood Sahab.

Allah Diya Sehri is arranged.
Local Transportation is also arranged and the point of contact is Brother Laeeq; Mob # 00966507809858  and  Brother Zaheer; Mob # 00966507884928.

Organizing Committee: Falah-e-Mehdavia Society, Riyadh Chapter.

For any further details, please contact the following personnel:

Janab Syed Mahmood Sahab, Mob # 0096653923938,   Janab Mohiuddin Jeelani Sahab, Mob # 00966504198229, Janab Muneeruddin Ateeq Sahab, Mob # 00966541857416.



Date: Night of 27th Ramzan - Night between Sunday, 5th and Monday, 6th September 2010.

Time: 2:00 amLocation: Residence of Tersees bhai, Azizia Jeddah.
Imam: Janaab Mohammed Nusrath Saeed sahab (S/o Hazrath Mohammed Nooruddin Arabi RH)
Separate Arrangement for Ladies:
Sehri - Allah Diya.
Contact nos:0546936341; 0595475682:0565899360



Lailatul Qadr in Bakersfield, CA

At the Residence of Saleem Manju

Inshallah Prayers will be led by Jb. Syed Khizer Maseeha

Place: 11706 Shanklin St Bakersfield, CA 93312

Date: Night between Monday, September 6 and Tuesday, September 7th

Time: Arrival: 1:30 AM, Sunnat Prayer: 2:15 AM, Farz Prayer: 2:30 AM

Other Arrangements : SAHRI - Allah Diya


Lailatul Qadr in New York

As-Salaam o Alaikum Woh Rahmatullahi Woh Barakatuhu, All Mahdavis Brothers & Sisters,  InshaAllah Hu Tala Farz Lailatul Qadr in New York will occur on the Night Between Monday 06th of September and 07th of September 2010.


Timing:Namaaz-e-Isha Sunnat Prayer :  2 : 00 AM.;  Namaaz-e-Isha Farz Prayer : 2 : 15 AM.Farz Lailatul Qadr Follows

Contacts: Syed Irfan Khundmiri:1-917-292-9157; Syed Tahsin Isaque:1-347-827-7385;

Sahri -- Allah Ne Diya Hai. JazakAllah Khair.


Lailatul Qadr in  Chicago

Place: Holiday Inn, Skokie, Illinois;

Night between Monday, September 6 and Tuesday, September 7th;

Time: Azan: 1:50AM;    

Food packets will be distributed


Lailatul Qadr in Burbank

At the residence of Jb.Syed Ziaullah        

Place:  923 E San Jose Ave Burbank, CA 91501 US  818-557-1345
Date:  Night between Monday, September 6 and Tuesday, September 7th

Time:   Arrival: 1:30 AM, Sunnat Prayer: 2:15 AM, Farz Prayer: 2:30 AM
Other Arrangements :           
SAHRI - Allah Diya



City:                    Dublin

Place:Appt 'A', 54/55 Mary Street, Off Henry Street, Nearest Landmark: Asian Food Store, Mary st or AIB Bank Capel Street or near Jervis Shopping Center, Henry Street.

Date:the night between 5th of Sept`10 - 6th of Sept`10Time:  Namaz –E- Isha at 1:30 AM

Prayer Led by:  Janab Syed Jaffer Asif Mahdavi

Other Arrangements:  Allaha Ne Diye Sahari ka Intazam Hai.

Contacts: Mohammed Azam Ali Khan- 00353 - 867313743; Mohammed Bilal, Mobile :    00353 - 862081299: Syed Jaffer Asif, Mobile :      00353 – 863399784



City:  Toronto

Place:  Druze Community Centre 898 Markham Road Scarborough, ON M1H 2Y2 (416) 439-3976(Closest intersection is Ellesmere and Markham Rd.)

Date: Night between Monday, September 6 and Tuesday, September 7th

Time: Arrival: 1:00 AMOther Arrangements :  Inshallah after prayer Allah Diya saheri will be provided

Contacts: Rafee- (416) 723-0706; Amer-(416) 822-1805; Nausheer       (416) 292-5743

Please bring your own janimaz for prayers and It would appreciable if we all reach by 1:00 AM so  that  we could sit, together for Zikarullah


Mahdavia.com Wishes  you all a Blessed Dugana-e- Lailatul Qadr.

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