Sad Demise Of Allama Roushan Miyan Yadullahi

It is with profound sadness we report that Peer-wo-Murshid, Allama Hazrat Syed Ali Roshan Miyan Sahab Qibla Yadullahi  passed away on Thursday, the 23rd of  Sep. 2010 - the 14th of Shawwal, the Day of Shadat of Siddiq-e-Vilayat Hazrat Bandagi Miyan Shah Khundmir RZ., in Baroda, Gujrat.

He is the father of Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Syed Mahmud Yadullahi, Sajjada Daira Dabhoi, Gujrat and Yadullahi Daira Masjid, Chanchalguda, Hyderabad and father-in-law of  Peer wo Murshid Syed Mustafa Mubarak Miyan Sahab Yadullahi.

'INNA LILLAHI WOH INNA ILAYHI RAJI'OON' offers its deepest condolences to Peer wo Murshid Hazrat Syed Mahmud Yadullahi Sahab Qibla, Sajjada Daira Dabhoi, Gujrat  and other family members.


 Contact#'s 2663254887 (Home) and 9898272027 ( Mobile # of Hazrat Mubarak Miyan Sahab)


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