Inna lillahi wa inna ilahi raajioon <br/ ><br/ > We regret to inform that Mehtab Khatoon Bozai passed away today, April 28, 2015 in Toronto, Canada at 2:00 AM. She is the daughter of the late Mohammad Rehman Khan Bozai (ex-Superintendent Police Nizam Govt) and wife of Hassan Bozai (ex-Photo Journalist Gulf News and ex-President of Farah Committee, U.A.E).<br/ ><br/ > Namaz-e-Janaza and burial will be performed today, April 28, 2015 after Zuhar prayers (1:30 PM).

For details please contact : <br/ > <br/ > Inayat Bozai at 416-451-0195<br/ ><br/ > Mohsin Bozai at:416-893-3049

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