Mahdavia Pilgrimage Directory for Sindh, Pakistan         

Karachi, Sindh:

 * Abdullah Shah Ghazi at Clifton beach Karachi.

 * Yousuf Shah Rizvi’s sister on the Island of Manora, Karachi.

  Makli Hills, Thatta, Sindh:

 * Hujrah Shareef of Hazrat`Mahdi Alehissalam in Hazrat Yousuf Shah Rizvi’s Qaberustan on Makli Hills Thatta. [100km from Karach]

 * Yousuf Shah Rizvi in Makli hills Thatta.

 * Hazrat Abullah Shah Ashabi-e-Mahdi a.s. on Makli Hills Thatta on the left hand side of the road going towards Hyderabad[sindh].

 * Hazrat Syed Yaqoob bin Syed Ibrahim bin Syed Yaqoob bin Syed Mahmood bin Syed Mohammad Mahdi Alehissalm under the same roof of Hazrat Abdullah Sha Ashabi.

 * Hazrat Pir Aasaat out side Abdullah Shah Ashabi’s Muqbarah.

 * Mian Shaikh Jio, a Khalifa of Shah Dilawar r.a., just about 500m from Hazrat Pir AasaatRA.

 * Hazrat Shukar Allah Shirazi, a very close friend of Abdullah Shah Ashabi and Hazrat Qazi Qaden r.a. and Ali Sher Qanae’s great grand father’s brother.

 * Hazrat Syed Ahmed’s and his Sindhi wife Bibi Fatema[daughter of Qazi Niamat ullah Abassi a relation of Mian Adam Shah Kalhora, originally an Abbasi, in Thatta.

 * Mian Syed Ali [Awal] s/o Hazrat Syed Ahmed Shirazi the elder brother of Mahdi Alehissalam.

 * Mian Syed Ali [Thani} s/o Hz. Syed Ahmed Shirazi.

  * Syed Mohammad popularly known as Shah Murad who is the son of Hz.Syed Ahmed from his Sindhi wife.

  * Pir Jhundo Patani the boat-man who saved the lives of many Mahdavis traveling to Kaha by river on their expulsion by Jam Nizamuddin Nanda.

  * Hazrat Malik Gohar locally known as “Gohar Gunj”, just out side Thatta on way to Tndo Mohammad Khan.

  * Shah Abdul Kareem Bulri wale [Barli Wale] about 100km from Thatta, going towards Tando Mohammad Khan.

  * Shah Enayat Sofi Shaheed (killed in 1130 a.h.)who is grand son in 6th generation of Sddaruddin Langh [Multani], a contemporary of Hazrat Mahdi Alehissalm.

  Shadahpur; SINDH:

 * Hazrat Maulana Syed Murtuza Sahab YadullahiRH

 *Hazrath Maulana Syed Shahbuddin Sahab YadullahiRH

 * Shah Abdul Lateef Bhitai the poet sofi. His fouth grand father is Syed Abdul Kareem Barli Wale, about 40 km from Hyderabad going towards Shahdadpur.

 * Hazrat Noh Halai, whos’ mother is [believed to be ]from the progeny of Hazrat Syed Khudnmiar RZ., about 50km from Hyderabad towards Shadadpur.

 * Hazart Sachal Sarmust (Shaer-e-Haft Zuban) Ranipur, about 300km from Karachi, another famous poet of Sindh who is a relative of Hazrat Qadi Qaden r.a.

* Hazrat Miyan Adam Shah in Sukkar (Shaheed apprx1006 a.h.
Who is the Jadde Amjad oh famous Kalhora Dynasty of Sndh.

Other Ziyarats in Sindh are:

Miyan Ilayas Mohammad

Miyan Shah Mohammad (Shahel Mohammad)

Miyan Deen Mohammad

Miyan Naseer Mohammad

Miyan Yar Moahmmad

Miyan Noor Mohamad

Miyan Ghalam Shah

Miyan Abdul Nabi

Miyan Mohammad Arif 

 Mardan, NWFP:
 *Miran Mohamad Shah s/o Syed Abdullah Shah Ashabi of Thatta, in Mardan,
 North West Frontier Province (NWFP).

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