Mahdavia  Pilgrimage Directory for Punjab, Pakistan   
 Hazrat Shaikh Fareed Gunj Shakar Farooqui RH
 Date of demise: 05 Muharram, 664 H.
 Travel information:

Lahore, Punjab:
 *Hazrat Mir Mohamad popularly Known as MIYAN MEER of Lahore. A grand son [nawasa] of Hzt. Qazi Qaden r.a., about eight km from down town Lahore near Shadara railway station.

 *MIYAN Mohammad Buksh again from Lahore.
 *Shah Hussain [popularly famous as Qadri]in Lahore, a contemporary of Miyan Abullah Khan Niazi.

*Miyan Moosa Ahangar a contemporary of Hz. Mahdi alehisalam. In fact there are nearly eighty Buzargane Mahdavia in Punjab.