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left   Visa Requirement: Except for Afghan citizens, Visa is required for citizens of all other countries including  India, Pakistan, USA, UK etc. for travel to Farah, Afghanistan. For further travel and security information please contact nearest Afghanistan embassy or Consulate office in your country.
 Farah Province:

 Farah Mubarak

 *Hazrat Meeran Syed Muhammad Mehdi-al-Ma'ud, Vice-Regent of Allah, The  Promised MehdiPBUH 
  Date of demise : 19th Zul Qadah, 910H
 * Hazrat Bandagi Miyan Shah Burhan RH; Writer of Shawahed-ul-Vilayat,

 Farah Mubarak, Afghanistan

 Date of demise: 26 Zul Qadah 


Ahsan Al Asfar -- A Travel Journal of Farah {Afghanistan} by Janab Waheed Ashraf Sahab

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